Can Education really be Separated from Customs?

I am currently musing as to whether education can really be separated from customs…

You see, very recently, I conducted a survey on social media as to the reason why it was commonly a sore point in my environs for a wife to seek to retain her maiden name after marriage or use a double barrelled name, that is a combination of her given name and her husband’s name. I wondered whether this pursuit made such woman less married or perhaps less able to execute her wifely duties. I received a number of comments, some logical, many emotional.

What struck me about a number of the emotional comments was that there was a blatant refusal to consider that there could be justifiable reasons for wanting to chart such a course. There was typically an all too quick readiness to berate the woman for not wanting to toe the cultural path of the days of yore; and that such a home could hardly ever be normal. So intense was the emotion, that even the comments from a woman who chose to retain her maiden name while still maintaining a successful home, was largely viewed with disdain.

It may also interest one to note that those who had responded emotionally are university graduates.

Which makes me ponder that indeed, even the highest of education (which should expectedly make one versed in the use of logic), may not necessarily change cultural mind-sets and stereotyped views.

Of course, it is not unrelated to the above reason that judges are not allowed to judge cases they have interests in as they may be unable to maintain objectivity in such instances.

For me, the lesson refresher is to never assume without asking questions. In these and other matters, one can only say that, to each his own and what may rock one boat may sink another.

*I know this post is a tad serious but oh well, getting older in this blogging thing and generally could do that. WordPress just notified me that today marks the third year  I signed on here *smiles. Pure coincidence that I’m posting today I assure you.

Have a great week!

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No, I’m not about to regale you with tales of appropriate fitness routines or indeed teach dance moves, even if that is what the caption or display picture suggests. Far from it.

Rather, I am using this medium to briefly highlight the pros of keeping an open mind, a never say never attitude if you like. You know, many times, it seems very easy to say you can never do a particular thing, until you think about it a bit more and say to yourself, “It’s not so bad after all, perhaps I should give it a try.”

I was in a similar shoe very recently, and the lesson I learnt is that one should not always be quick to dismiss a thought/idea without careful scrutiny. Don’t get me wrong, where it’s an issue of compromising ethics or similar issues, no thought should be required to dismiss the though/idea. However, where a thought/idea has merit, albeit inconveniencing, let’s try to resist the all too easy temptation of dismissing it to remain in our comfort zones.

So let’s be flexible…for good reason I might add.

Cheers to August 2017.

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Impossible Is Nothing

For a minute there I ruminated on what to caption this…

A few days ago, I finally collected my West African Senior School Certificate for private candidates, more popularly known as “GCE Certificate” after *ticks off fingers*…fourteen years. *chuckles

I mean, it was not the fact that I was able to rationalise to myself as to why I needed to collect it (bearing the somewhat high fees in mind) when I had alternative certificates I could use and had indeed been using over the years for the same purpose. It was not even the fact that I had a sophisticated examination to write the following day. Rather, it was the fact that I was able to collect the certificate in spite of the odds and turn downs I had initially gotten.

So, after having a discussion with myself as to why I should collect the certificate beebee, I proceeded to the WASSCE office, arriving at a few minutes shy of 12:30 pm. My first obstacle awaited. The security personnel informed me with a note of finality that they had stopped attending to requests for the day, and with a note of dismissal, crooned, “come back tomorrow!” But you see,  the cab fare I had incurred to get to the office was a good propeller and like the adrenaline that it was, I begged to try my luck. I was not even going to begin to roll my eyes at the fact that government parastatals should be open for business till 4 pm on working days.

Having gained entry through the door, I began the forage to locate the appropriate office amidst friendly and not so friendly directions from staff and visitors alike. When I eventually located the relevant office, I was informed that I ought to have arrived around 8-9 am as they would indeed stop attending to requests by 12 pm. When it seemed like my entreaties to be considered were falling on deaf ears, I proceeded to book for my cab ride back home, mentally pinching myself that all that expended cab fare had fallen to nought.

As luck would have it (although I did not think it was luck at the time), my cab driver was taking forever to arrive and on a whim while waiting, I inquired from an official as to whether a third party would be permitted to collect the certificate on my behalf if I gave such party the required documents. The official declined, insisting the certificate could be received by only the person named therein.

Resigning to the unlucky fate that made me waka to the office rather than revising for my exams, I began trudging out. Just as I got outside the door, this official called me and told me to find out from some of her colleagues whether they would be willing to make an exception in my case and assist me.

Feeling like I had nothing to lose, after all the cab had still not arrived, I made the necessary inquiries. The heavens smiled on me and an exception was indeed made in my case.

At the point of collecting the certificate, the particular official who kick-started my receipt of favour, discovered from the certificate, that her first son was born exactly eight months before me. Small world huh?

At the end of the day, sometimes all we really need is that additional extra push that just might make all the difference because impossible really can be nothing.

Cheers to a fulfilling weekend and please do not mind this my occasional epistle 🙂


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Mindset is Everything

How did I arrive at the caption above?

You see, for quite a bit now, I had been struggling with meeting up with my 8:30am resumption time at the office. Don’t judge, I have some justifications to my credit but that’s not the point of the caption.

So, along the line, it turned out that I was scheduled for some special assignment for which the usual resumption time was 7am. Oh wow! I initially thought but I also knew it would be possible to achieve this target if I made some lifestyle changes.

So I made the necessary adjustments and would you believe it, I was able to resume for my special assignment 15 minutes ahead of the target 7am.

Now, I know the next hurdle to cross would be maintaining consistency in achieving my target 7am but I also know that the elders say that we will know how Saturday will be from Friday. In other words, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the right step…

Which leads me to my point that mindset is everything. After all impossible is nothing.

Cheers to a mindset shift,


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Still I Rise

What does one do when one feels like one is sinking deep into that miry clay? Is it to give up with a sigh that, “omo, this situation is bigger than me and I can only do so much!” Or is it to stare at the situation eyeball to eyeball and state authoritatively that “God pass you, therefore you too shall pass!”

I mean it usually seems easy to just allow ourselves to flow along with whatever tide comes our way, after all, the climb to success and other great things is usually an uphill task and let’s face it, it’s much easier to roll down a hill than climb up one.

For me though, the fact that one is considering both sides of the divide, indicates that there is at least a glimmer of hope to face the situation headlong and rise above it because if you did not have it in you, it wouldn’t have come up for consideration in the first instance. Remember, a just man may fall seven times yet rise up again…

I have risen, so I know you too can rise.

Warm regards,


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No Excuse For Mediocrity!

Does it bother you, as it does me, whenever a person wallows in self-pity and tries to justify average behaviour or results with such words as, ‘it’s because my parents are poor?’ You see, I have come to realise that whilst being born into luxury may be a spring which can easily propel one to greater heights, being born into penury does not mean all hope is lost. Far from it! Granted, a person without luxurious antecedents may need to work smarter to achieve the desired goals but the goal post is by no means beyond his/her reach by virtue of his/her humble roots.

In any case, life is not always a bed of roses for anyone whether rich or poor, and if you seem to feel otherwise, remember that even roses have thorns. For all you know, that smart, rich kid is battling a terminal illness or other mishap. After all, only he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. Why then, would 100% healthy you believe there is no hope simply because of the circumstances of your birth?

In closing, when life throws lemons, we can either duck, wallow in self-pity or catch the lemons and turn them into some tasty lemonade. The choice is entirely ours.

¡    Adefolake

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Lost Opportunity

I grew up having it at the back of my mind that opportunity comes but once and have been known to fret when it seemed like I missed a golden opportunity. In recent times however, adrenaline or perhaps desperation has forced the creative streak in me to think up alternative means of getting a desired result when it seemed the most straight-forward route to achieving that result got blocked.

I now like to think of it as opportunity is everywhere; the key is developing the vision to see it.

Because nowadays, and depending on how much you desire a thing,

a lost opportunity does not mean that it is the last opportunity.

Here’s counting down to a blissful weekend.

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