Thus far…

When I sing that …Grace has found me just as I am, it’s not mere words. My little experiences in life have continually taught me that I am a product of grace and my induction as a chartered tax practitioner today is no exception.

You see, all through my life, it had been smooth sailing academically-wise until I encountered the professional exams into the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) where I got my first tastes of failure.

The first exam I failed was expected but the second was not. Was I weighed down, damn right but did I give up, hell No! 

With each defeat came the determination to rise, and so I trudged on; and would you believe it, just  after my penultimate exams, came the window of opportunity to apply for direct membership. I took it and here I am today, about to say the magic words to be fully inducted.

Ironically, I am being inducted with the same batch as I would have been in but for the mishaps.

So when I sing, ‘Your Grace has found me just as I am…,’ I mean every word, particularly because my experiences have all culminated in making me a better ME.

*raises glass in toast.*

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