There’s this street slang that goes, “the difference between plantain chips and pekere is packaging.” Who can relate? This slang suggests that one can easilyĀ distinguish quality from mundaneĀ by the packaging but I wonder if this is always the case…

Because I sought to buy a branded earpiece the other day and the salesgirl brought out two earpieces, same brand and went, “This one is N1,500 the second is N2,000.” Typical curious me, I asked, “What’s the difference?” Her response? “The N2,000 own has a better sound quality.” Would you believe it, the N2,000 earpiece (more expensiveĀ option) was in an ordinary nylon while the cheaper one was in a fancy case. To the untrained eye, the cheaper one seemed to be of better quality if one were to go by the packaging…

Which drives home the point that not all that glitters is gold. This is not however to suggest that quality should be presented in a shabby manner, after all, appearance has always been a letter of recommendation according to my university professor.

I guess at the end of the day, one can only hope and pray for enough discernment to be able to correctly distinguish quality from mundane regardless of the packaging.

Warm regards,


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PictureĀ the following question and answer session…

Q: So what is integrity?

A: I think it is doing the right thing when you have the opportunity to get away with doing the wrong thing…

Hmm, loaded answer, one may say. I also have the same views about integrity because come to think of it, when all eyes are on you, it’s relatively easy to do the right thing but when the eyes are turned away, do you still have that same inclination to do thatĀ right thing?

Imagine you are down to your last N500, you have bills worth more than that amount to settleĀ and you also have N50,000 in your account to be kept in trust for Mr. H, do you ‘borrow’ out of that N50,000 (which is not yours by the way) to settle those bills? Granted, your pay cheque would arrive before Mr. H needs the money and you will simply replace it without anyone being the wiser, but is that the right thing?

I mean, we may have differing views as to what amounts to crossing the line of integrity but IĀ imagine we can all agree on the saying that “integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.”

Have a pleasant week ahead.

Warm regards,


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The Last Word

Ever heard the saying that you may win the argument but lose the person? Well, the meaning of this saying was brought home to me recently. No doubt I had some good points but I believe the issue was the manner in which I made the points…

Which also brings me to another point. That the importance of tact in conveying information cannot be downplayed in any guise because more often, how you say what you say is as important (if not more important) than what you say. You do not want to score cheap points and feel like a champion when all you have ended up doing is alienating the recipient of the information because your good intentions may wellĀ then add up to nothingĀ more thanĀ an exercise in futility.

If that happens, thenĀ it will be learntĀ the hard way, that one did not get the last word after all. So let’s wise up!

Warm regards,


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2009 marked a turning point in my life. It was a year of a number of firsts and having to rely 100% on the God who owns my life when all else failed. My most vulnerable year yet…

In spite of the several odds, I stand here today to mark another year in the land of the living. It only could have been God using the instrument of a die-hard loving family.

And because, I stand as a living testimony, permit me to croon in my soprano voice that…”Afuye gege tio se gbe jigbin ni jigbin ni bi ate ileke, Kabiesio mo seba Re, Oba to ju gbogbo oba lo.” (Immeasurable…Majesty to the King of kings)

Happy birthday to mešŸ˜¬šŸ’ƒšŸ½šŸ™šŸ¾šŸŽ‚

P.S. I know I haven’t been as regular here as I had intended, please forgive mešŸ˜˜

The Milk of Human Kindness

I just knew Ā I had to snap out of that inertia to pen this down…

Saturday, 11th June:

I had a colleague’s wedding to attend and I must confess when I got out of bed that morning, I was undecided as to whether to go back for round two of sleep (after all it was a weekend) or dress up and go out. I was also considering that I got in real late the day before. No, I wasn’t partying, I was working…

I eventually prepared for the wedding and started the uneventful journey until the car decided to have a mind of its own half way into the journey and start misbehaving…

So this kind Nigerian stopped to assist and even went out of his way to get his mechanic. Meanwhile, some patrolling nice members of the police force had also come to assist.

While I was waiting for my benefactor, some not so nice LASTMA officials passed by with a towing vehicle and I’m sure were saying in their minds ‘see Saturday meat.’ If only they knew…

Anyway as the car was being towed, my nice police friends saw them and stopped them and a hot argument ensued…

Meanwhile, the kind Nigerian had again gone out of his way to trace the car with his mechanic in tow; and find out what was happening.

So while the police-LASTMA drama was going on, I was just sitting back and watching a play out of the biblical words in Ex 14:14 and Prov 16:7…you can check them out.

One of the LASTMA bosses had to come into the picture and we all reached a nice compromise. I never for once even mentioned I’m into ‘law thingz’ myself.

This kind benefactor again waited to make sure his mechanic diagnosed the problem, beat down the exploitative tendency of the mechanic, drove the mechanic to buy the parts and me to the ATM to get some cash; and even provided fuel (in these hard times!) to wash the car parts. He also waited till the car was in a shape to move…

Mind you, there were no ulterior motives, no ‘asking out’ or asking for my number. He happily made references to his wife and kids. He is also a Muslim.

The tripping part that got me writing this piece, is the kindness I experienced, particularly from Ololade Saheed, my benefactor. I wonder if I could have been as nice to my fellow man.

The wedding was just about to end when I finally arrived but I met the couple so I’m glad that I was able to make it down.

I will never forget the kindness shown to me by my fellow men…and unlikely ones at thatā˜ŗļø

ā€“ Adefolake

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I wish I had penned down my thoughts on this subject as soon as it came to mind because I now seem to have forgotten all the high-sounding words that were just begging to be spilled out at the time, but nonetheless….

So I imagine that you may have come across a chic for instance, who seems like the typicalĀ good girl or star student/employeeĀ and may be wondering in your mind,Ā “If only I had been created with the goody-two-shoes genes.”

If only thou knowest, that every one, not just you, has to battle that inner demon. For all you know, that good girl/star student/employeeĀ also faced the temptations you believe she is immune from but you probably did not witness it because she was able to rein in all the what-nots as a result of self-discipline or restraint if you like.

Because sometimes, when you realise that many look up to you, you may be forced to stifle your raging desires and do all you can to be a worthy role model. And no, I’m not referring to theĀ “do as I say but don’t do as I do”Ā kind of model.

I bid thee to chew on these thoughts even as I wish you a spectacular month and a restful workers’ day.


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Delayed Gratification

So, there is this gadget I was eyeing which I was convinced would cater to my business and pleasure needs. ‘Gadget’ you say? Well, yeah, gadgets are my teddy bears, what can I do?

So yeah, this gadget was gonna set me back some tidy sum and I had been ‘preparing’ towards it for many months.

Just as I was a click away from making my wishes come true, it occurred to me that, ‘babe, you know you have other really important things competing for this little money in your pocket.’ Not that the gadget would not be an important acquisition but truth be told, I could get a cheaper brand of that gadget that would serve just as well at least for my business needs. So with a sigh and a silent whimper, I did the manly thing and passed up my desired gadget for the cheaper brand.

To be honest, having to pass up the gadget when I was this close to getting it pinch my body no be small but I consoled myself with the fact that delay does not always translate to denial.

Meaning that, if I do the works of he who employed me well enough, I would still be able to get my desired gadget probably sooner than I think…

Which also reminds me of the vacation I have been meaning to trip myself to but can’t at the moment because of higher callings…

So have you had to delay your own gratification? Well, fret not because in your case, delay may not be denial.

Have a beautiful week ahead.


Just As You Are

Before visiting a spa, I looked forward to the experience and Ā rode with the flow until the moment when the massage therapist said, ‘you have to undress.’ Huh!? I said.

I remembered the worship song, ‘come just as you are,’ and realised I had two choices, either to refuse to comply, in which case I would end up not getting full value for resources spent; or let go of my inhibitions and continue to ride with the flow.

Which again reminded me that when it comes to things of the Spirit, we have two choices, to either let go of our inhibitions and give in to the Spirit’s promptings or hold back and sell ourselves short of Ā  receiving the fullness of the things of the Spirit. The choice is ours.

As far as choices go, did I give in or give up as per the spa session? Well, well well…

All I’ll say is have a beautiful week ahead my friendsšŸ˜


Hidden Reasons

You know, I was about titling this, ‘God’s ways are not our ways’ or something else which makes the contents predictable but a creative or perhaps mischievous streak stopped me.

A few days shy of a fortnight ago, our staff informed me that one of our new matters had been assigned to a judge. Cool, I thought. ‘So who’s the judge?’ I asked. When he mentioned the name, I could not prevent a grimace as this judge had gained notoriety for being over worked, I firmly refuse to say lazy! There was never an inclination to hear contentious matters as though any save precious few of the matters in court can be ever be termed, ‘non-contentious.’

Anyway, just as last week was about wrapping up, this staff again came and said, ‘your prayers have been answered.’ That particular judge had been transferred out of jurisdiction and our matter inherited by a new judge.

This new judge not only promptly assigned the matter a date but quickly made it known when the matter eventually came up that tardiness would not be tolerated in any form.

I doubt whether any conclusion is necessary because by now I believe you have gotten the drift of my thoughts that indeed,Ā His ways are not our ways.



Taking Stock

Dear Blog,

How can I let the year 2015 end without taking stock and ensuring my life is in the right balance to proceed into the new year 2016? I dare not!

2015 has been a year of striking contrasts for me. A year of hope and a year of despair; a year of Ā unrestrained fun and a year of back breaking hardwork; a year of losing a loved one and a year of birthing a loved one; a year of love lost and a year of love gained; a year of friendships ended and a year of friendships begun; a year of failure and a year of success; a year of lack and a year of plenty; a year of losing oneself and a year of discovering oneself…

Above all, 2015 has been a year of good health and sound mind. I can never take these for granted because it takes losing one of these to appreciate the importance.

So looking back at 2015, there have been deposits and withdrawals no doubt, but I’m happy to state that there is no deficit in my life account balance…

And so, I look forward with eager anticipation to tomorrow, the birth of 2016 and happilyĀ chant,Ā ‘Let’s do this!’