Teeming with team work

With bated breath, I listen as the radio commentator exclaims, “Is this another goal!…” And with adrenaline pumping through my veins at top speed, I hear, “O! What a brilliant save by the goalkeeper!” Barely have I released my breath, before I hear another exclamation, “O no! The goalkeeper’s defender just made a tactical error and scored an own-goal! *sad face.*

That was the scenario that flashed across my mind as I and my team mates tried to beat the odds of traffic around 2:30 pm to meet up with a 3:45 pm flight, for which check in time was to be no later than 40 minutes before departure. Of course, we didn’t plan to leave by that time but you see, some things came up, as they often inevitably do when you act in concert with a team.

So on our way, I muse about this thing called team work and how it can make or mar personal efforts. Constantly distracted by glancing at my watch every few minutes (like that would magically make the cab move faster) and varied chants of ‘Oga, abeg move faster!’ from my team mates, I thought to myself that this team work of a thing can sometimes be a burden.

Irrespective of my fleeting thoughts on the subject, one thing that still holds true is that, ability to work in and with a team is perhaps one of the greatest indicators of a well-rounded personality, after all, a single tree can never make a forest.

Needless to say, we managed to meet up with our flight and as I strap myself in for the ride home from the airport, I can only conclude that team work is inevitable.


2 thoughts on “Teeming with team work

  1. Hi Folake, nice one. Thank God you made your flight, and team work is always inevitable, it can be really sickening especially when you have someone on the team who keeps killing other peoples effort. I actually thought you were goina say you got to the airport amidst all the hustles and bustles only to wait for a delayed flight for several hours, as that is the usual practice these days. Been a while though, you look good. Cheers.


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