Just As You Are

Before visiting a spa, I looked forward to the experience and  rode with the flow until the moment when the massage therapist said, ‘you have to undress.’ Huh!? I said.

I remembered the worship song, ‘come just as you are,’ and realised I had two choices, either to refuse to comply, in which case I would end up not getting full value for resources spent; or let go of my inhibitions and continue to ride with the flow.

Which again reminded me that when it comes to things of the Spirit, we have two choices, to either let go of our inhibitions and give in to the Spirit’s promptings or hold back and sell ourselves short of   receiving the fullness of the things of the Spirit. The choice is ours.

As far as choices go, did I give in or give up as per the spa session? Well, well well…

All I’ll say is have a beautiful week ahead my friends😁


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