2009 marked a turning point in my life. It was a year of a number of firsts and having to rely 100% on the God who owns my life when all else failed. My most vulnerable year yet…

In spite of the several odds, I stand here today to mark another year in the land of the living. It only could have been God using the instrument of a die-hard loving family.

And because, I stand as a living testimony, permit me to croon in my soprano voice that…”Afuye gege tio se gbe jigbin ni jigbin ni bi ate ileke, Kabiesio mo seba Re, Oba to ju gbogbo oba lo.” (Immeasurable…Majesty to the King of kings)

Happy birthday to me😬💃🏽🙏🏾🎂

P.S. I know I haven’t been as regular here as I had intended, please forgive me😘


Ever had that, ‘no one can do this like me feeling?’ Well, while there’s nothing wrong with hyping oneself, after all that adrenaline needs to flow big time to get some work done, one should never be deluded into that feeling that one is irreplaceable. If you doubt me, just think back to that supposedly indispensable guy who left that organisation, did the organisation crumble? Or perhaps taking it a notch closer, when loved ones are transported to the great beyond, irrespective of the grief that survivors feel, do they wish to be transported in a similar fashion? Your guess is as good as mine.

So bottom line, is that while we should strive in our daily endeavours to ensure that even if our presence seems not to be noticed, yet our absence is deeply felt, we should come off the high horse that we or any other person for that matter is irreplaceable. No wonder a singer cautioned, “don’t you ever for a second get to thinking….you’re irreplaceable!”