Delayed Gratification

So, there is this gadget I was eyeing which I was convinced would cater to my business and pleasure needs. ‘Gadget’ you say? Well, yeah, gadgets are my teddy bears, what can I do?

So yeah, this gadget was gonna set me back some tidy sum and I had been ‘preparing’ towards it for many months.

Just as I was a click away from making my wishes come true, it occurred to me that, ‘babe, you know you have other really important things competing for this little money in your pocket.’ Not that the gadget would not be an important acquisition but truth be told, I could get a cheaper brand of that gadget that would serve just as well at least for my business needs. So with a sigh and a silent whimper, I did the manly thing and passed up my desired gadget for the cheaper brand.

To be honest, having to pass up the gadget when I was this close to getting it pinch my body no be small but I consoled myself with the fact that delay does not always translate to denial.

Meaning that, if I do the works of he who employed me well enough, I would still be able to get my desired gadget probably sooner than I think…

Which also reminds me of the vacation I have been meaning to trip myself to but can’t at the moment because of higher callings…

So have you had to delay your own gratification? Well, fret not because in your case, delay may not be denial.

Have a beautiful week ahead.


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