Picture the following question and answer session…

Q: So what is integrity?

A: I think it is doing the right thing when you have the opportunity to get away with doing the wrong thing…

Hmm, loaded answer, one may say. I also have the same views about integrity because come to think of it, when all eyes are on you, it’s relatively easy to do the right thing but when the eyes are turned away, do you still have that same inclination to do that right thing?

Imagine you are down to your last N500, you have bills worth more than that amount to settle and you also have N50,000 in your account to be kept in trust for Mr. H, do you ‘borrow’ out of that N50,000 (which is not yours by the way) to settle those bills? Granted, your pay cheque would arrive before Mr. H needs the money and you will simply replace it without anyone being the wiser, but is that the right thing?

I mean, we may have differing views as to what amounts to crossing the line of integrity but I imagine we can all agree on the saying that “integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.”

Have a pleasant week ahead.

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