Hidden Reasons

You know, I was about titling this, ‘God’s ways are not our ways’ or something else which makes the contents predictable but a creative or perhaps mischievous streak stopped me.

A few days shy of a fortnight ago, our staff informed me that one of our new matters had been assigned to a judge. Cool, I thought. ‘So who’s the judge?’ I asked. When he mentioned the name, I could not prevent a grimace as this judge had gained notoriety for being over worked, I firmly refuse to say lazy! There was never an inclination to hear contentious matters as though any save precious few of the matters in court can be ever be termed, ‘non-contentious.’

Anyway, just as last week was about wrapping up, this staff again came and said, ‘your prayers have been answered.’ That particular judge had been transferred out of jurisdiction and our matter inherited by a new judge.

This new judge not only promptly assigned the matter a date but quickly made it known when the matter eventually came up that tardiness would not be tolerated in any form.

I doubt whether any conclusion is necessary because by now I believe you have gotten the drift of my thoughts that indeed, His ways are not our ways.



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