Still I Rise

What does one do when one feels like one is sinking deep into that miry clay? Is it to give up with a sigh that, “omo, this situation is bigger than me and I can only do so much!” Or is it to stare at the situation eyeball to eyeball and state authoritatively that “God pass you, therefore you too shall pass!”

I mean it usually seems easy to just allow ourselves to flow along with whatever tide comes our way, after all, the climb to success and other great things is usually an uphill task and let’s face it, it’s much easier to roll down a hill than climb up one.

For me though, the fact that one is considering both sides of the divide, indicates that there is at least a glimmer of hope to face the situation headlong and rise above it because if you did not have it in you, it wouldn’t have come up for consideration in the first instance. Remember, a just man may fall seven times yet rise up again…

I have risen, so I know you too can rise.

Warm regards,


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