Mindset is Everything

How did I arrive at the caption above?

You see, for quite a bit now, I had been struggling with meeting up with my 8:30am resumption time at the office. Don’t judge, I have some justifications to my credit but that’s not the point of the caption.

So, along the line, it turned out that I was scheduled for some special assignment for which the usual resumption time was 7am. Oh wow! I initially thought but I also knew it would be possible to achieve this target if I made some lifestyle changes.

So I made the necessary adjustments and would you believe it, I was able to resume for my special assignment 15 minutes ahead of the target 7am.

Now, I know the next hurdle to cross would be maintaining consistency in achieving my target 7am but I also know that the elders say that we will know how Saturday will be from Friday. In other words, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the right step…

Which leads me to my point that mindset is everything. After all impossible is nothing.

Cheers to a mindset shift,


*photo credit: http://www.google.com


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