I’m assuming we all know that change is one of the constant things in life…and this change is responsible for the rebranding going on right here.

I remember how it all started late in 2014 when I just felt the urge to capture random thoughts and Sanity in all the Craziness was birthed. Fast forward some months, change again saw the name evolve to Sanity in all the Craze and right about now, change yet again has birthed Crazy Sanity.

Whilst scouting for the appropriate name, I was made to understand, thanks to the philosopher in my dear sister, that Sanity in all the Craze signifies a lot of craziness splashed with some sanity. Crazy Sanity on its part signifies lots of sanity with a touch of craze.

Looking back at where I started and where I am now, I think I can say there has indeed been an evolution from plenty craziness mixed with a little sanity, to a whole bunch of sanity with just a touch of craziness.

So what can I say? Crazy Sanity it is till such a time as the next literary wave takes over.

 Many thanks sis for the perspective.

Let’s do this!


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