When your words attempt to bite you….

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘I would never be caught dead doing/saying that!’ and barely have you walked away in defiant triumph only for the opposite of those same words to happen to you. Deja vu! you say?

In my little experience, I have discovered that a playout of something akin to the above scenario sometimes happens just after you have convinced yourself that you are immune to it…and sadly it almost seems that one is helpless to resist the seemingly magnetic pull to act or speak contrary to the previously spoken high-sounding words.

One definite way of not dealing with the above situation in one’s view, is feeling cocky that such a situation can never apply to you. In such an instance, you should remember the age long cliche that pride goeth before a fall. A more realistic way of addressing the situation could be by recognising it as what it is- a temptation- which should harden the resolve the more, not to fall into it.

So next time, you perceive that your words wanna bite you, you should be quick enough to recognise it for what it is and say to that situation, ‘O no! you ain’t got me this time,’ while holding your head high and walking away from it.

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