Can Education really be Separated from Customs?

I am currently musing as to whether education can really be separated from customs…

You see, very recently, I conducted a survey on social media as to the reason why it was commonly a sore point in my environs for a wife to seek to retain her maiden name after marriage or use a double barrelled name, that is a combination of her given name and her husband’s name. I wondered whether this pursuit made such woman less married or perhaps less able to execute her wifely duties. I¬†received a number of comments, some logical, many¬†emotional.

What struck me about a number of the emotional comments was that there was a blatant refusal to consider that there could be justifiable reasons for wanting to chart such a course. There was typically an all too quick readiness to berate the woman for not wanting to toe the cultural path of the days of yore; and that such a home could hardly ever be normal. So intense was the emotion, that even the comments from a woman who chose to retain her maiden name while still maintaining a successful home, was largely viewed with disdain.

It may also interest one to note that those who had responded emotionally are university graduates.

Which makes me ponder that indeed, even the highest of education (which should expectedly make one versed in the use of logic), may not necessarily change cultural mind-sets and stereotyped views.

Of course, it is not unrelated to the above reason that judges are not allowed to judge cases they have interests in as they may be unable to maintain objectivity in such instances.

For me, the lesson refresher is to never assume without asking questions. In these and other matters, one can only say that, to each his own and what may rock one boat may sink another.

*I know this post is a tad serious but oh well, getting older in this blogging thing and generally could do that. WordPress just notified me that today marks the third year¬† I signed on here¬†*smiles.¬†Pure coincidence that I’m posting today I assure you.

Have a great week!

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