Beware!! The Walls have Ears!

Listening to a colleague narrating an unpleasant experience on social media that almost managed to creep into his career, makes one realise how wide the ears of walls have gotten, what with camera phones, internet facilities and what have you? If you doubt me and are in Naija, just think back to how the ‘salt-water bath cure for Ebola virus’ started and ditto!

Anyway, if you work in an organisation that has your name and possibly face or contact details on its website, you might want to consider what and how you post certain comments on social media (except of course you post as ‘anonymous’, and even then, internet geeks, have their ways of putting a name to your anonymity) because those comments may just come back to attempt to bite you. 

So, my conclusion is that we should always be careful about the comments and whatnots we post, and generally, what we say because the walls indeed have ears. After all, that was how I got something to post about! *cheeky grin*

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