September 2017 has been for me, a month to remember for good and during the course of it, I learnt/reminded myself of a number of invaluable lessons like the benefits of tenacious discipline, passion, drive, and openness to correction, which all add up to making others perceive one in a positive light i.e. makes one have a positive personal brand or if one likes, a unique selling point…

Much as the salt though appearing to have same physical characteristics as sugar nonetheless differs from sugar in its unique ability to serve both as a flavouring and a preserver, we should strive to personalise our brands such that regardless of the population of humans within our immediate vicinity, there would always be a unique feature that would stand us out from the crowd.

We should periodically conduct self-audits and make any necessary changes to ensure that even if our presence seems not to be noticed, much like the salt, our absence would be obvious to all…

And with the foregoing notes, I look forward with eager anticipation to October 2017, the birth of my new dawn🙌🏽


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