No, I’m not about to regale you with tales of appropriate fitness routines or indeed teach dance moves, even if that is what the caption or display picture suggests. Far from it.

Rather, I am using this medium to briefly highlight the pros of keeping an open mind, a never say never attitude if you like. You know, many times, it seems very easy to say you can never do a particular thing, until you think about it a bit more and say to yourself, “It’s not so bad after all, perhaps I should give it a try.”

I was in a similar shoe very recently, and the lesson I learnt is that one should not always be quick to dismiss a thought/idea without careful scrutiny. Don’t get me wrong, where it’s an issue of compromising ethics or similar issues, no thought should be required to dismiss the though/idea. However, where a thought/idea has merit, albeit inconveniencing, let’s try to resist the all too easy temptation of dismissing it to remain in our comfort zones.

So let’s be flexible…for good reason I might add.

Cheers to August 2017.

Warm regards,


*photo credit: http://www.google.com

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