Communication gap

One February 14, in the spirit of agape love rather than a lack of more fun alternatives, I assisted a senior colleague to review an article.

About four hours down the line (yea, the review was that intense!), I happily sent my response by clicking the reply button and for back-up, even informed the colleague by text message that my job was done. I then proceeded to enjoy the rest of my day and weekend as it were.

Would you believe it, on Monday morning, I received a call from this colleague that the document had not been received; and imagine my surprise. At the point of re-sending the document to this colleague, I discovered some extra letters in the name which had gone unnoticed simply because I merely hit reply without reviewing that important detail. Communication gap indeed you might say.

Another lesson I learnt from that experience, is the need to constantly review everything we sign off on, particularly when we did not make them. So beware of those emails a colleague prepares and directs you to send, because embedded in the words, may just be some embarrassing typos or issues that may come back to haunt you.

Cheers to a fulfilling week.

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