The words that readily come to mind when I come across the word, ‘consistent,’ are words like reliable and dependent. In other words, consistency brings positive notions to the mind.

Consistency is not usually about doing or not doing an earth-shattering thing. Rather, consistency is more about the little efforts repeated day in day out which lead to the conclusion that one is reliable.

A smile comes to my face when I recall way back in elementary school when pupils and students often looked with disdain at any of their colleagues who seemed to be favoured by their teachers because they could always be relied upon to provide solutions to their take-home assignments as opposed to copying the solutions from their friends at the due dates.

Today, in the office environment, even though colleagues may snicker at their colleagues who do what should be done at the right time, they inevitably envy such colleagues secretly because when it comes right down to it, consistency pays.

So, here’s raising my glass to consistent friends out there. Keep up the good work!

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