The Search

I am trying to bridle my excitement as I write this. You see, I just found the punched-paper packets I had been in search of for the past twelve (yes twelve!) years.

The story of this new discovery dates back to my last year in secondary school where in the manner of those days, I decided to make a personal year book of sorts. Anyway my own book consisted of loose pages, hence the search for the perfect covering for posterity sake.

Aside from the joy I am currently feeling, the lesson for me is that the fruits of patience are often plucked at unlikely places. I say this because I had no inkling that I would get the punched-paper packets at the particular place. In fact, I went in search of something else at that place which ironically, I did not find.

So, always think through before settling for less in your search for that ideal situation/thing/person. *smiles*

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