My New Dawn🙋🏽

Which of my Maker’s benefits can I forget today even as my soul blesses my Lord? Is it for the gift of sleeping and waking up daily in good health and soundness of mind? Or is it perhaps for making the lines fall unto me in pleasant places? Or for making all things, including my unpleasant experiences, work together for my good? Or the gift of a die-hard loving family? Or those friends who drop all to come to my aid at my slightest whimper? Or bosses who saw value in me, even when I had no faith in myself? I can’t forget any of the benefits I tell you…

Today for me is a day of a pure thanksgiving state of heart because I definitely could never have come this far on my own, not even close!

So in humble adoration to my Maker, I enter my new dawn with eager anticipation and look forward to my next decade because I know that it is settled.

Happy birthday to me💃🏽

– Adefolake

*image credit: Studio De Best UNILAG

*gown credit: Big Sis Dolls😍


Thus far…

When I sing that …Grace has found me just as I am, it’s not mere words. My little experiences in life have continually taught me that I am a product of grace and my induction as a chartered tax practitioner today is no exception.

You see, all through my life, it had been smooth sailing academically-wise until I encountered the professional exams into the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) where I got my first tastes of failure.

The first exam I failed was expected but the second was not. Was I weighed down, damn right but did I give up, hell No! 

With each defeat came the determination to rise, and so I trudged on; and would you believe it, just  after my penultimate exams, came the window of opportunity to apply for direct membership. I took it and here I am today, about to say the magic words to be fully inducted.

Ironically, I am being inducted with the same batch as I would have been in but for the mishaps.

So when I sing, ‘Your Grace has found me just as I am…,’ I mean every word, particularly because my experiences have all culminated in making me a better ME.

*raises glass in toast.*

There’s more to success than just efforts

So I made beans pottage about a week ago and was pleased with the results. Encouraged, I decided to repeat the effort this week, paying more attention to details. I added extra supposedly yummicious ingredients, packed up my lunch and rushed off to work. Would you believe it, when I tasted the end result, it didn’t seem worth all the extra efforts.

My point with this culinary experience recount, is that while efforts are required in many endeavours, achieving the desired results requires more than just efforts. Some call this extra something luck, while others call it favour or grace.

I guess sometimes, one achieves more with less as it is written, the race is not to the swift…


The other day, just as I was about to click the send button for a mail I had composed, i just had this nag to give the words another once over and voila, I discovered typographical errors that had potentials of pouring sand sand in my garri.

A number of people have had quite a few of such experiences at varying degrees; and the experiences are not only limited to the office environment.

Then, it struck me, that those examples are just typical examples of grace in action. What is grace you may ask? I borrow the words of my cleric and define grace as “unmerited favour.” because that is simply what it is, in my view.

Have you almost made a bumbling mistake by a potential action or inaction only to right that error just at the nick of time? That is grace.

Yea, and I managed to correct those typos before hitting send. 

In sum, my wish for us all as we go through this month of love, is that grace will locate us in all our endeavours.