The other day, just as I was about to click the send button for a mail I had composed, i just had this nag to give the words another once over and voila, I discovered typographical errors that had potentials of pouring sand sand in my garri.

A number of people have had quite a few of such experiences at varying degrees; and the experiences are not only limited to the office environment.

Then, it struck me, that those examples are just typical examples of grace in action. What is grace you may ask? I borrow the words of my cleric and define grace as “unmerited favour.” because that is simply what it is, in my view.

Have you almost made a bumbling mistake by a potential action or inaction only to right that error just at the nick of time? That is grace.

Yea, and I managed to correct those typos before hitting send. 

In sum, my wish for us all as we go through this month of love, is that grace will locate us in all our endeavours.

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