Have you resolved to act or not act in a certain way, and as it were, put your money where your mouth is, only for those plans to fall to naught? Well, you are not alone.

For instance, I told myself I would be a better worker and would trigger this process by not running foul of the resumption time and I actually tried to make it happen but alas!

The other day, I even left my abode a gulping thirty minutes earlier but unbeknownst to me, the forces behind the morning traffic had other plans. So, in spite of my good intentions, dare I say that I ran foul of resumption time.

While, in traffic, I came to terms with the fact that my good intentions were falling to pieces but even with that realisation, came the resolve that, ‘I can get it if I really want…but I must try, try and try, try and tr….y, I’ll succeed at last.’ I think this resolve should resonate with anyone in a similar situation.


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