One good turn

Just the other day, a friend and I gave a government official a lift, as we had gotten accustomed to doing. I must admit, I wasn’t too excited on this particular occasion as I opined that it would stifle my gisting flow. I decided to snooze a little, opening my eyes at intervals.

Suddenly , I heard a loud boom. My eyes immediately became wide open. I wondered, who just bashed the car but lo and behold, I saw steam coming out of the car bonnet and water seeping on the floor. Alas, the car radiator had burst!

This official immediately swung into action and being a traffic controller by profession, he did a good job directing other vehicles to assist our movement. We eventually parked the car at a convenient spot and I wondered how do I navigate to the office? As an icing on the cake, there was fuel scarcity in town.

As though reading my mind, a senior colleague of this official was riding in a taxi and stopped when he saw his colleague. Voila a replacement ride.

Although, expectedly, I got to the office late, I could not help but marvel that one good turn indeed births several others.

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