Shout out to when we were younger…

Part of me wanted to caption this, ‘shout out to when we were young,’ but with a snicker, I remebered I am still young, hence the additional ‘er’ to the last word.

Ok, so after reporting to the office to implement my own share of our skeletal services, I decided to cool off with a bowl of eba and afang (yea a chic’s gotta eat!) and then a blast from the past flashed across my brain….

…that when we were younger, our major concerns aside from ‘catching 1st position in exams’ of course, were things like, ‘have you started using bra, have you started you know, has your voice become deep, hey, I just saw a strand of ‘bia bia’ on your chin’ and other pubertic concerns.

Well, now we have grown and with that comes grown issues like, ‘how do I settle the bills, who should I settle with’ and the likes.

As I wash down my meal with water and prepare to take home unfinished assignments for this holiday (another grown up concern), I hope I will be able to think back to this moment and hopefully post on this same platform when my child is my current age.

Déjà vu you say? I call it the circle of life…


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