Never say Never

In a bid to be a better me this year 2015, I determined to perform my civic duty of giving my mandate to whom I believe the cap best fits.

So, early in the morning, found me at my state electoral commission’s office to effect a transfer of my voter’s registration since I had since relocated from the state where I did the initial registration…

I met a not too polite individual at the gate who informed me that the process of transfer had been suspended just two days earlier. Surprisingly, I was downcast wondering aloud that the statutory deadline ought to be the following week. Not unexpectedly, this individual was oblivious to my plight.

Moving towards the exit of the office, I had a sudden resolve not to give up. So I went elsewhere to attend to other pressing matters and paid a return visit to the office a few hours later.

I made past the gate (thankfully the oblivious individual did not recognise me *grin*). I entered the reception, narrated my ordeal in brief to the front desk officers and was told the same story but this time I was also directed to an official for further details.

This official was unexpectedly nice and sympathetic and gave an assurance of addressing my situation if the opportunity presented itself.

Not totally assured, I made further attempts in my own little way to get the situation addressed.

At the end, this nice, sympathetic official made good his word and my voter’s registration was transferred.

The morale of this my unaccustomed epistle is that in all our doings, we should never say never!

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