This evil called ‘procrastination!’

It is with pursed lips and gritted teeth that I write this. You know why? My article just got bounced…all because of procrastination!

I learnt a long while ago that procrastination means putting off till tomorrow what ought to be done today. Did knowing the meaning of the word prevent me from indulging in it? Apparently not!

A few minutes of ruminating on the effect of my procrastination made me realise more clearly that even the best of intentions by even the best of us, mean nothing if we do not activate those intentions. Of course, I could pout and complain that my editor did not give me the head ups but in my heart of hearts I know that it is only myself I have to blame for putting off till today what I could have done yesterday.

As I lick my wounds and prepare for the new year 2015, I can only hope that I will not have this sort of touching story to tell next year becauseĀ ‘ko ti e ni funny rara!’

That said, let me go and complete my take home assignment before I put off till next year what I could have done this year…

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