Passing the buck

How convenient do you find it to shift the blame to others?

Passing the buck is often regarded as an easy way to pass on the responsibility of something (or the lack thereof) to another person. ‘But it was his fault,’ you say sheepishly. Well, maybe it was; but if you are the team leader or perhaps of a higher rank than the faulting party, it is not unheard of for fingers to come pointing at you when something goes wrong.

In such an instance, one may just have to take a deep breath and remember the timeless cliche that ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.’ Remember that your leadership skills are actually more appreciated when things go wrong (‘God forbid!’ you might say).

So to all concerned -and that includes me- here’s to hoping that we all firmly resist the all too easy temptation of passing the buck in our daily doings. *cheers*

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