So, imagine you have sworn to yourself that you would never be caught dead at the office on a weekend…and on a Thursday you are informed by HR to present yourself for a performance appraisal session that Saturday. ‘Just peachy!’ you mutter.

Well, unless you’ve gotten an offer elsewhere or ‘miraculously’ fall very ill on that Saturday (of course with a medical report from a teaching hospital), it would appear that the available choices are limited.

One thing is clear, an appraisal session is tailored to measure performance and even if the appraiser is a true life judge, he does have emotions which you do not want to toy with. However, one truth that is not equally as clear, is that an appraisal session is also an opportunity, in my view, for you to measure your appraiser’s performance (even if it is only in your mind). This is because, each of us is the CEO of our respective lives and we should accordingly feel free to promote, demote or terminate as the need arises.


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