Can you walk the walk?

Ok! So here are two perspectives…

A chic’s walking all daintily in her killer-heels thinking in her mind, ‘can this event end so I can climb down from these things.’ Another looks on in envy and thinks aloud, ‘see this hot chic.’

My point, one chic is enduring the moment while the other not knowing where her heels pinch, looks on in envy.

Now the application…

In life, no matter how dainty any one person’s life looks, there’s almost always a story to tell and fact is even if the story now has a happy ending, there almost always would have been bumps and twists along the way.

For me, life is really about how you pick yourself up and carry yourself daintily no matter what you have been through because at the end, that is what really makes you the success you are.

In conclusion…

Before you go about beefing that chic (or guy) who seems to have it better than you, take a breather and really ask yourself, ‘am I ready to walk her (or his) walk?’

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