Name change and some thought-provoking questions

As part of the female gender, it had always been somewhere at the back of my mind that my daddy’s surname won’t stay mine forever; but reflecting on the reality of it has brought some questions to mind.

You see, in law, the understanding is that when a company for instance changes its name, it can no longer carry on business with the former name without doing another formal change of name.

So here’s the thing. After the fun and fanfare of a wedding ceremony, the wife gets to formally change her surname to her husband’s surname (in most cases), and even takes out a newspaper publication in that regard, to serve as notice to all and sundry.

Granted, all documents that had been issued in her father’s surname before the change of name, remain valid. But the question is, what if this woman after that change of surname, decides to use her father’s surname (maiden name) to say, purchase a property. Will that action be valid, given that she has changed that name? Is one to apply the company name change scenario cited above to this?

So, as I drink (or is it eat) hot pepper soup on this cold, rainy evening, these are some of the questions that come to mind.

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