Two sides of a courtroom

I was in a courtroom recently and after observing the antics of two lawyers handling two different cases, it was impressed upon me again, that the right attitude can give one an advantage.

The first lawyer had a request he wanted the court to grant and even though the court was not inclined to granting the request initially, his logical entreaties eventually swayed the court in his favour.

Enter the second lawyer. This one was loud (and I don’t mean his voice) and spoke in a badgering, condescending tone to the court whilst belabouring the issues. The court had to say in a pleasant voice, ‘counsel, it’s not a do or die affair.’ Of course, the courtroom burst into laughter and that lawyer was momentarily perplexed.

For me, the lesson learnt is that while it is good to labour, doing so with the right attitude is key.

*cheers to a fulfilling week.*

The Search

I am trying to bridle my excitement as I write this. You see, I just found the punched-paper packets I had been in search of for the past twelve (yes twelve!) years.

The story of this new discovery dates back to my last year in secondary school where in the manner of those days, I decided to make a personal year book of sorts. Anyway my own book consisted of loose pages, hence the search for the perfect covering for posterity sake.

Aside from the joy I am currently feeling, the lesson for me is that the fruits of patience are often plucked at unlikely places. I say this because I had no inkling that I would get the punched-paper packets at the particular place. In fact, I went in search of something else at that place which ironically, I did not find.

So, always think through before settling for less in your search for that ideal situation/thing/person. *smiles*

Communication gap

One February 14, in the spirit of agape love rather than a lack of more fun alternatives, I assisted a senior colleague to review an article.

About four hours down the line (yea, the review was that intense!), I happily sent my response by clicking the reply button and for back-up, even informed the colleague by text message that my job was done. I then proceeded to enjoy the rest of my day and weekend as it were.

Would you believe it, on Monday morning, I received a call from this colleague that the document had not been received; and imagine my surprise. At the point of re-sending the document to this colleague, I discovered some extra letters in the name which had gone unnoticed simply because I merely hit reply without reviewing that important detail. Communication gap indeed you might say.

Another lesson I learnt from that experience, is the need to constantly review everything we sign off on, particularly when we did not make them. So beware of those emails a colleague prepares and directs you to send, because embedded in the words, may just be some embarrassing typos or issues that may come back to haunt you.

Cheers to a fulfilling week.

News bearing vs. Talebearing

After breaking some news the other day, it suddenly dawned on me that there can sometimes be a fine line between news bearing and talebearing.

News bearing is simply the art or act (if you like) of delivering information – be it good or bad – to another person. Talebearing on the other hand, is the spreading of gossip, secrets, etc., that may cause trouble or harm. Thus while news bearing can be regarded as reporting without any malicious intent, talebearing is reporting with malicious intent. Indeed, talebearing may involve garnishing the truth in varying degrees which may even involve an outright lie.

Some people seem to derive an almost perverse pleasure from being the first to transmit bad news; and they seem to perform the act on a regular basis. Such people, in my view, are no different from talebearers.

As I sign out, I urge us (and that includes me!) to examine ourselves to determine whether we are actually news bearers or mere talebearers; and retrace our steps if we fall into the latter category!


How does one realise when one has crossed the line between wishing one was like another person and envying that person?

I ask because once upon a time there were three friends living not too far apart from one another. Well, eventually one relocated and another went in search of greener pasture for a while. Eventually, the one in search of greener pasture returned and as you might have guessed, went to say hi to the relocated friend without so much as a knock at the door of the friend next door.

I guess when it comes right down to it, you could say a choice has been made but what is the friend next door to feel? Envy or wishful thinking?

Either ways, I just thought to leave a food for thought even as I call it a day and snuggle up in my blanket. *sweet dreams*