That little ERROR!

Just the other day, I received some printed work from the commissioned contractor and was initially all ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ for a job well done until I noticed a single ‘but’ which was sufficient to make me backtrack. This ‘but’ was not a typographical error. In fact, the ‘but’ arose from failure to use the Caps Lock button to begin a significant word.

To be candid, this seemingly little error was sufficient to make me request for a reprint.

This ‘error’ drove home to me the meaning of the admonition in the holy book about different kinds of vessels and the need to make oneself fit for the master’s use. Just as a single spot of red oil on a white cloth can make such cloth ill-fitted for any worthy use, is the same manner, only one ‘little’ error can make us unfit for our Master’s use.

So, let’s watch it!

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