Knowledge’s never in vain…

Ok, so before you think that the header above’s referring to experience being the best teacher, please note that, this is not what I am canvassing in the least, although I admit that, experience is also a way of amassing knowledge.

The story which is the raison d’être for this piece goes thus…

You see, I ‘stabbed’ a tutorial session for an exam a little while ago to attend a youth empowerment session and iGnite the fire in me. It happened that one of the speakers at the iGniting session was formerly a top manager in one of the Nigerian telecommunication giants who decided to quit paid employment to follow his passion of clothing people. Of course, I enjoyed the session, being that I’m a ‘gistomania.’

So, fast forward a few weeks and I had to write the professional exam where one of the questions required justifying a statement that a fat compensation package at work is nice but is not the most important factor in motivating employees.

Of course, I remembered this memorable young clothier’s narration and threw it in to add spice to my answer.

Was the added spice, sufficient to take me to the next level? Only time will tell but my point remains that no knowledge is ever in vain.

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