Throwback to when I misplaced my wedding gown…for one month🤦🏾‍♀️

I’m glad I can laugh and blog about this now, ‘cos it wasn’t even funny at the time.

This is how the story goes…

After the fanfare of the wedding ceremonies, I was eager to get out of the pretty but uncomfortable gown while hubz was having a field day catching up with his hommies. Time finally came to get out of my wedding gown and I packed it away. After all, I won’t be wearing it again. In fact, the thought of spending so much on a gown to be worn for just a few hours and never again, tempted me to want to rent a gown to use. But the snag was, I was sentimental about wanting a new gown ‘cos well, I’m new too. Story for another day. Anyways, Mr. O. – le hubz, gave me the funds to buy the gown. My champ🥰

Time to check out from the hotel to our place came and my darling aburo (meaning younger sibling) came around to help stow away heavy load so we could travel light. Yea, we had to ‘bolt’ our way home ‘cos our car chose that wedding period to misbehave. Story for another day too.

So gown packed, I handed the gown to my aburo to keep with my parents and bolted with Mr. O. to our home without any thought. I had initially wanted to pick up the gown at my parents’ after our church thanksgiving a few days later to dry-clean and stow away but then I thought…what’s the hurry? There kuku still wasn’t any private car of ours to use.

Thanksgiving came. We went to my parents’ to greet them and headed back to our place. I didn’t even bother to check on my darling wedding gown while there.

One month down the line, car had finally gotten repaired – gulped a very tidy sum🙄 – I went to my parents’ to pack my wedding gown and other personal effects. I didn’t find the gown in my room. No worries, I thought; it must be in my former room or aburo’s room. Surprise! checked there. Nowhere to be found. We checked all the nooks and crannies in the house. No show. I began to wonder whether the gown was so small – like me – as to be easily non-conspicuous.

No jokes, it started getting not funny. ‘Cos you see, we live in a superstitious society where the common belief is that people wish to do you bad at iconic events like wedding days – especially if they can lay hold of the groom’s traditional wedding cap or the bride’s wedding gown. Sigh. I’m generally not a careless person, so this was a bit huge. How could I have been so absent minded as to not notice my wedding gown was missing for one whole month. No, it had nothing to do with the starry eyedness of wedding night paroles. There was kuku none in my case ‘cos monthly hormones had a mind of their own. Another story for another day – maybe.

At this point, my mum was getting a bit worried – cos superstitions. My aburo was getting a bit worried ‘cos the gown was left in their care. Mr. O was not particularly worried ‘cos we can tackle any superstitions spiritually. For him, it was more of smh that I could get so carried away with the festivities as to not pay attention to the little details of my wedding gown whereabouts. Couldn’t even roll my eyes that sebi I wanted to pick the gown a few days after the ceremonies but the steer was why the rush? It was our problem and we had to solve it.

Then we think to ourselves, ‘could we have left the wedding gown in the hotel?‘ ‘It’s not possible’ – we say. We saw the gown when my aburo kept it in the car that day. But for whatever it’s worth, my aburo calls the hotel and voila! There the gown was, sitting in its majestic glory for one month. Apparently, while arranging the car on our checkout day, the wedding gown had been placed on the floor beside the car and forgotten there. The hotel staff, took it in and kept in a safe place. Don’t even ask me how it is that the hotel didn’t think to call. Instead the issue, is how could I not have fathomed, for a whole one month that my wedding gown was not on my bed in my parents’ house.

Anyway, I’m glad the wedding gown was found in one piece. At least one less prayer point to have to kabash about not letting wicked village people get hands on the wedding gown and do us dirty.

The wedding gown’s now dry-cleaned and sitting pretty, without a care in the world.



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