My New Dawn🙋🏽

Which of my Maker’s benefits can I forget today even as my soul blesses my Lord? Is it for the gift of sleeping and waking up daily in good health and soundness of mind? Or is it perhaps for making the lines fall unto me in pleasant places? Or for making all things, including my unpleasant experiences, work together for my good? Or the gift of a die-hard loving family? Or those friends who drop all to come to my aid at my slightest whimper? Or bosses who saw value in me, even when I had no faith in myself? I can’t forget any of the benefits I tell you…

Today for me is a day of a pure thanksgiving state of heart because I definitely could never have come this far on my own, not even close!

So in humble adoration to my Maker, I enter my new dawn with eager anticipation and look forward to my next decade because I know that it is settled.

Happy birthday to me💃🏽

– Adefolake

*image credit: Studio De Best UNILAG

*gown credit: Big Sis Dolls😍


Taking Stock

Dear Blog,

How can I let the year 2015 end without taking stock and ensuring my life is in the right balance to proceed into the new year 2016? I dare not!

2015 has been a year of striking contrasts for me. A year of hope and a year of despair; a year of  unrestrained fun and a year of back breaking hardwork; a year of losing a loved one and a year of birthing a loved one; a year of love lost and a year of love gained; a year of friendships ended and a year of friendships begun; a year of failure and a year of success; a year of lack and a year of plenty; a year of losing oneself and a year of discovering oneself…

Above all, 2015 has been a year of good health and sound mind. I can never take these for granted because it takes losing one of these to appreciate the importance.

So looking back at 2015, there have been deposits and withdrawals no doubt, but I’m happy to state that there is no deficit in my life account balance…

And so, I look forward with eager anticipation to tomorrow, the birth of 2016 and happily chant, ‘Let’s do this!’