Choices are decisions we take.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we make choices every moment of our lives.

Indeed, choosing to do nothing about a situation is in itself a choice.

Consequences whether good or bad, are a fall out of the choices we make which we often have to live with.


We should be guided when making our choices…


Choices, we make them, then they make us.



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How does one realise when one has crossed the line between wishing one was like another person and envying that person?

I ask because once upon a time there were three friends living not too far apart from one another. Well, eventually one relocated and another went in search of greener pasture for a while. Eventually, the one in search of greener pasture returned and as you might have guessed, went to say hi to the relocated friend without so much as a knock at the door of the friend next door.

I guess when it comes right down to it, you could say a choice has been made but what is the friend next door to feel? Envy or wishful thinking?

Either ways, I just thought to leave a food for thought even as I call it a day and snuggle up in my blanket. *sweet dreams*