The little things we take for granted…

I was recently assigned some follow-up duties and had to make time out of my somewhat cramped schedule to discharge the duties effectively. 

Well, I managed to discharge the duties reasonably well, if the commendations I got from my contacts are anything to go by.

I turned in my handover notes to my ‘supervisor’ so to speak and he thanked me for a job well done but jokingly remarked that I had not followed-up on him, the originator of the tasks.

Of course, I had a ready flippant answer but later on I meditated on his words and realised the gravity of his seemingly joking statement…

That in life, we sometimes put so much efforts into doing the big things, yet unwittingly disregard the little things which are usually significantly more important.

The above scenario gave me a wake up call (as I hope it does you) on the need not to be too busy that we take the seemingly little things for granted.

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