Two sides of a courtroom

I was in a courtroom recently and after observing the antics of two lawyers handling two different cases, it was impressed upon me again, that the right attitude can give one an advantage.

The first lawyer had a request he wanted the court to grant and even though the court was not inclined to granting the request initially, his logical entreaties eventually swayed the court in his favour.

Enter the second lawyer. This one was loud (and I don’t mean his voice) and spoke in a badgering, condescending tone to the court whilst belabouring the issues. The court had to say in a pleasant voice, ‘counsel, it’s not a do or die affair.’ Of course, the courtroom burst into laughter and that lawyer was momentarily perplexed.

For me, the lesson learnt is that while it is good to labour, doing so with the right attitude is key.

*cheers to a fulfilling week.*