I wish I had penned down my thoughts on this subject as soon as it came to mind because I now seem to have forgotten all the high-sounding words that were just begging to be spilled out at the time, but nonetheless….

So I imagine that you may have come across a chic for instance, who seems like the typical good girl or star student/employee and may be wondering in your mind, “If only I had been created with the goody-two-shoes genes.”

If only thou knowest, that every one, not just you, has to battle that inner demon. For all you know, that good girl/star student/employee also faced the temptations you believe she is immune from but you probably did not witness it because she was able to rein in all the what-nots as a result of self-discipline or restraint if you like.

Because sometimes, when you realise that many look up to you, you may be forced to stifle your raging desires and do all you can to be a worthy role model. And no, I’m not referring to the “do as I say but don’t do as I do” kind of model.

I bid thee to chew on these thoughts even as I wish you a spectacular month and a restful workers’ day.


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